Test ontologies overview

In the table below all the ontologies used for testing in the different countries are listed together with a short description. Links to the actual ttl-file and the generated documentation for the ontology are also included in the table.

In addition some of the spin rule sets etc are listed. For these items no documentation is generated, but we have included a link to the actual ttl-files.

For more information about the test cases, please see the report "D.8 Report on the evaluation of the European Road OTL in the test cases".

Test ontologies

Country Name and Description File Documentation Comment
Germany: asb-ing-condition: For storing the damage categories, based on a German classification RI-ERH-ING

Technical Report Source: https://www.bast.de/BASt_2017/DE/Ingenieurbau/Publikationen/Regelwerke/Erhaltung/ASB-ING-Erhaltung.html

asb-ing-klassification: ASB-Ing 2013 ontology for classification of bridge constructions
Technical Report

SPIN Conversion.ASB-Ing-Demo_Bestandsmodell: SPIN linking rules based on the EIRs of the NRA in Hamburg from IFC (2x3) to ASB-Ing 2013

The Netherlands: Maintenance: Testcase for register workflows of maintenance based on the RWS OTL  classification and transport - Roadnetwork (inspire)
Technical Report

Survey: Testcase for register survey information for storing damage based on the RWS OTL classification
Technical Report
Norway: Jaren with Curve Segment: Jaren test case with linked alignment
Technical Report

Norwegian_NVDB: NVDB road network at Jaren with asset, including lighting

01_map_network.sparql: Convert the road network produced by the TNE software from Triona to Inspire network

NPRALighting: Lighting asset modeled based on Norwegian standardization work
Technical Report

LightingEarlyDesign: Lighting asset requirements for early design phase

Technical Report

This OTL shows how to model specific handover data requirement/restrictions from one project phase to another.